Wife (2009)

Your hand on my breast
wakes me to the sound of
your sleep. I take delight in
this familiarity: your
warm skin blanketing me
from the coldness of this
space we call ours. I squeeze your
hand against my breast,
waking you to the sound of my

fever. Time quickens with
every bead of sweat and
sigh of breath. You whisper

a lie: “You are
a goddess,” with each thrust that cuts
deeper with every stroke of lust. I fall
into your arms, weak yet

unfulfilled. Time is shortened
by the clock’s jealous whining.
You get off the bed, scrambling
to get dressed.

I try to loosen the knot of your tie,
coaxing you back under the sheets
with me. But you are done
composing yourself: cleverly

clad in a perfectly-tailored suit (I gave you as
a gift): you make decency look so easy
to reclaim.

You slip a silver band
around your finger. A faint light
from the window touches it: the brilliance
blinds me for a moment. You

crouch down to give me
a kiss. You whisper
a confession: “I cannot stay
for dinner.” I light a cigarette
as you walk out the door

in silence. The clock’s jealous whining breaks

my stupor. Acquiescent, I lay
in bed. I try to fake
a smile and whisper
a truth: “I am your goddess;

she is your wife.”

– 09 February 2009
– 3rd installment of my “Wife” series

“She is solid.

As for me, I am a watercolor.
I wash off.”
— from Anne Sexton’s For My Lover Returning to His Wife

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4 thoughts on “Wife (2009)

  1. “I am your goddess;/she is your wife.”


    nasaan na ang mga bago? kahit di pa polished, post lang ng post!

  2. denise says:

    took me a while to figure out kung paano ko naiwan yung comment ko dati hehe…anyway, like I said, gamay mo na ito :) i love it :)

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