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Wife (2004)

Once again the rooster’s crows beat you
to the gate. I watch you from a corner as you wobble
towards this house
I maintain to be home for your
returns: three-course meals; hot baths; a
warm bed you’ve avoided since you’ve
discovered the convenience of the sofa.

You reek of alcohol and cheap perfume
from another visit to the red light district.
I stand patiently at my corner,
               waiting. My shadow dances
under the flickering
light in your presence. (Do you even notice?)
You concentrate on your stagger and
as you near my corner, you stop

to lean soft and warm against my
stiff cold body. And
                            I feel,
again, how it is to glow
like the vibrant strobes in your red city of lights.
Your breath reminds me of ripe chicos, of
an appealing bitter sweetness.
I move closer to your face.
               But before I could taste the liquor from your
lips, you open your mouth, let me taste
the leftovers of what you had for
dinner, instead.

this is included in UP Quill’s literary folio, “Sitting Amok” — 13th volume — under the pseudonym, “Eva de Matta”.

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because i cannot have
You any other way
i will give You back
the keys to Your place
and s    t     r      e      t     c     h
the                 space
between You  and   myself.

it is not that i desire
to see less of You
but fear i would get too familiar with
Your face and forget
even the personnosrep i often talk to
in the mirrorrorrim. to see You
frequently is too much too much too much too much too much too much
of a habit, urges me
to lock You up with
Your own keys. i
must give them back

because i cannot have You.

recently published in Lunduyan ng Sining’s (Sanctuary of Art) lesbian literary and art folio, “What These Hands Can Do” and first came out in UP Quill’s literary folio, “Sitting Amok” — 12th volume — under the pseudonym, “Eva de Matta”.

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